Sunday, 26 February 2012

My Healthy Eating MUST Begin Soon.

So you want/need to loose weight and cant get your mind set right. …well that’s exactly where I am at the moment.

I find talking helps me focus but for those around me it makes them go cross-eyed and groan. I’m not very good at sticking to things …like dieting…I give up if I have no one to talk to about how I’m doing and feeling but I HATE the thought of a slimming club…and no-one can persuade me other wise. This is why I finally decided to do this blog …as a kind of sounding board …even if no one else reads it …and to let others, who may come across it, and who feel like this, know that they are not alone…. it can be a struggle for some…and for many, as hard as climbing a mountain when unfit … but being skinny is not the goal …being healthy is….and hopefully a few pounds lighter.

I have loads of recipe books and have bought some diet ones recently …but I am not inspired by what I found in my recent purchases. I think the answer is to see if one can make the recipes one loves into healthy ones …and if I like what I make I’ll record it on here. There will be no calorie counts or breakdowns of what they contain …and its up to you if you want to try them…. depending on the diet or healthy eating regime you follow.

I shall jot down useful tips as I come across them… you may already know them …but you might not ... they are really all memory jogs for me. The recipes are reminders of what’s nice to eat and not too fattening so that I can make them again.

I’m not going to weigh myself very often … maybe once a month or so…all I want is, to find that the pointer on the scale is going down ward … and for me to feel healthier. Hope a few will drop by as I focus my mind on the job in hand …and just say ‘Hi’ …it would be nice to know I wasn’t alone. …but not essential.

If anyone is reading this ….I will be back here tomorrow with more musings on dieting … in the hope that I shall become more focused on the job in hand.

Take Care xx

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