Sunday, 4 March 2012

Still working out a plan of action so ....

Back with more thoughts

I think to eat healthily one may need a mix of many of the diets …so this is where I am going to start.
I know a Food Diary really helps … I must do one before I begin. …maybe just a few days …I know it will be a shock …then do it each day to keep track of what the new me is eating.
Note to self ...sort out the right size of plate ....smaller but not too I can fool my eyes and brain into thinking I'm eating more than I am.
I’ll be back with the out line of my eating plan …and then I’ll sketch out some sort of menus …I think.
Be back soon
Take Care xx


  1. I'm looking at the weight gained this winter and will be back to my food journal. It truly does help!

  2. My photo of the working table is not just good for diets.
    I won't order it again. I will rather eat something with fruit next time.